Part 1 of Machine Learning + Cloud Run + Thunkable

Code + No Code Tools.

So it’s safe to say this tutorial is a hybrid of no-code and real code. This is neat if you got yourself started on making apps in no-code tools. …

In this piece, I will share some of the tricks I’ve learned while developing an action using Interactive Canvas.

Ok, so you want to start developing on the brand and shinny Google Actions and Interactive Canvas. I’ve developed an action, while it was time-consuming and complex I learned a few tricks up my sleeve on the way.

Last weekend I participated in a hackathon called ‘ Woman in Voice Mx’. Where me and my team, won first place with our product called ‘Pixie en el Internet’ or Pixie on the Web.

Pixi en el Internet is a Spanish Google Action…

Day of the Dead VR Mural made with Thunkable, Aframe, and GCS Cloud Run.

Every year for the past 3 years, I’ve been creating a type of art installation in Mi Bistro 300, a restaurant in San Miguel de Allende, for Day of the Dead. Each year the project has grown bigger and it’s kinda funny because I’m no artist… I’m an engineer. But I do love creating and incorporating new things in everything I do.

Sugar Skulls Tradition

Part 3 of Machine Learning + Cloud Run + Thunkable

Overview of this tutorial.

PART 2 — Custom API for Keras Models using Cloud Run

PART 3 — Machine Learning App in Thunkable

PART 3 — Machine Learning App in Thunkable.

So you made it this far. Congratulations. Here comes the easy part. Integrating it to Thunkable. We will be using the web API component from Thunkable.

The documentation explains it thoughtfully so if you haven’t used it. Please give it a read so you’ll get a better grasp of the following part of the tutorial.

So for my…

Part 2 of Machine Learning + Cloud Run + Thunkable

Overview of this tutorial.

PART 2 — Custom API for Keras Models using Cloud Run ( you are here!!)

PART 3 — Machine Learning App in Thunkable.

PART 2. Custom API for Keras Models using Cloud Run

A little heads-up…

Dino Run en Thunkable X

En este tutorial voy a explicar el código detrás de mi app de Dino Run. Si te interesa crear tu propia versión visita Thunkable para más información.

Si quieres seguir el tutorial en youtube y hacer tu propio videojuego puedes hacerlo en mi video de youtube:

Si quieres empezar a modificarlo y quieres una copia de mi app haz click aqui:

Technovation Challenge

Ever since the pandemic hit I wanted to help somehow. I recognize my privilege in my country and I strongly believe in always giving back and help those who need it the most. I tried joining many groups but I couldn’t land in a project, so I decided to take things into my own hands and work a solution.

Disclaimer: This boilerplate app is currently being further developed, we are looking for NGO’s interested to be part of our beta and officially launch it.

Non-profits are one of the business models that have had ups and downs during the pandemic…

I’ve been developing some projects regarding gender violence over the past couple of years. Today I would like to present to you, how the younger generations are solving the problem.

I’ve participated in Technovation for the last three years, however, this is the first time I had a team that submits an app. And to be honest it couldn’t have felt greater.

This is Tech Michis, a group of girls; Galia, Nicole, Xanath, Isabela, and Fer that built an app in Thunkable.

From left to right; Galia, Nicole, Xanath, Isabela, and Fer sporting their Thunkable blocks as their clothes.(Photos inspired by

This tutorial is also available in english 🇺🇸 — Click this link!

Desarrollar videojuegos es una de los proyectos más divertidos para niños aprendiendo a programar. Programar videojuegos con Thunkable es la forma más fácil. Este post de medium te ayudará a entender cómo construir un juego básico y te dará al final plantillas y tips para que puedas hacer el tuyo.

Yo personalmente recomiendo esta actividad para usuarios que ya tengan previamente experiencia desarrollando apps con Thunkable on en MIT App Inventor

El juego que estaré construyendo estará en inglés pero todas las instrucciones estarán en español.

Comencemos :)

Este tutorial está disponible en español 🇲🇽— Haz click en este link!

Developing video games is one of the best projects for kids if they want to get their hands on coding. Coding video games in Thunkable is the easiest way to get started. This medium post will guide you on how to create a basic video game and at the end will have some free resources to build it yourself.

I would categorized this activity advanced for kids and teenagers or for anyone with experience using Thunkable or App Inventor.

Let’s get started!

This is the method I use…

Sofía Galán

Backend Python Engineer @ Pago46 / How-To Guides & Volunteer for Technovation Girls

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